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This e-shop is intended to be used by retailers only.


There is a minimum order limit of 500€. This limit applies to the total cost of the goods ordered.

Orders can be canceled within ten(10) working days of the moment they are placed.


All orders must be fully paid for in advance (i.e. before the dispatch of the goods ordered). An initial payment of 20% of the total order cost must be made upon the confirmation of an order. The remainder must be paid prior to the order's shipment.

Payments are accepted via bank transfer only. Our account details will be made available to the buyer upon confirmation of an order.


Our shipments follow the FCA class rules under Incoterms 2010. All shipping costs are paid for in full by the buyer. The buyer must arrange for the transportation of all goods with the transport company of their choice. The buyer assumes all shipping-related responsibilities and risks.

Orders can also be dispatched via post if the weight and dimensions of the goods make it feasible. Any costs of postage are paid by the buyer.

The date of delivery may be delayed - also within an already delayed delivery process - by force majeure, strikes, lock-outs, actions of national and international authorities and all other unforeseeable hindrances occurring after contract completion, which are not within the control of the seller, insofar as such hindrances can be proved to have caused considerable delay to the delivery of the products sold. This also applies when such occurrences affect the seller's suppliers and their subcontractors.

The seller is not liable, under any circumstances, for any negligence on the part of his suppliers. The seller, however, is obliged to cede the right to possible claims for damages to the buyer. Third-party liability remains unaffected.

Defective or missing items

The buyer must check the quantity and condition of the goods on receipt. Obvious and/or identified defects must be reported in writing within ten working days at the latest.


Any samples requested are treated as regular orders and must be paid for before dispatch. All terms and conditions that apply to regular orders apply to sample orders as well.

Custom Orders

We accept custom orders depending on the types and quantities of products requested.

In addition to normal order terms and conditions, the following terms apply to custom orders:

1. An initial payment of 50% of the total order cost must be made upon order confirmation.
2. A minimum quantity of 50 items per product must be ordered. This amount may vary depending on the particular products ordered.
3. The total cost of a custom order is determined by the specific types and quantities of products requested. This cost is communicated to the buyer prior to the order's confirmation.
4. No returns will be accepted for custom orders.


All legal claims and disputes arising as a result of any transaction between a buyer and Panino are subject to the laws of the Hellenic Republic and will be settled by the appropriate court of the Hellenic Republic as specified by said laws.

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